Virtual reality Education


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Our goal is to enrich the school curriculum’s with the digital working methods
that engage and motivate students


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Mission Overview


Partnership Project

Release Date

1st of December 2020


European Commission

Mission time

Two years

To mobilize students’ interest and engagement in school activities is one of the main challenges that all teachers share irrespective of country, education level, and the subject they teach.

We address this challenge by promoting teaching based on computer games as well as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. They have the potential to facilitate the learning process in a way that respects the students’ cognitive, social, and cultural backgrounds while addressing the curriculum standards that they need to attain.

Our team develops the pedagogy of play and at the same time meaningful learning using the affordances of digital games and VR/AR applications across the school curriculum of primary, secondary and upper secondary schools.

the crew

Smedsby-Böle skola

The Captain

Swedish-speaking primary school from Korsholm (Finland) counting 248 students and 40 staff members, where the new technologies are the part of regular everyday teaching. 

Teachergaming LLC

Game developer and an edtech company from Tampere (Finland) helping teachers and other educators to use video games and new media in their work.

Centrum Edukacyjne EST

Foundation from Wadowice (Poland) offering creative learning activities to young people and adults, in particular: 3D design, coding, robotics, educational games.


A primary school from Dalvik (Iceland) with 210 students and staff of 52 teachers and assistants including those specialised in new technologies for education.


Center for Research and Education Ltd from Lefkosia (Cyprus) – a pioneering organisation which initiates an implements projects of positive social impact, with a focus on social inclusion.

Blue Beehive

NGO and education provider from Ibi (Spain) formed by experts in education from various fields incl. VR, AR, flipped classroom, educational robotics, both in the school and professional world.

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Project Newsletter no. 2

Despite difficulties related to the COVID pandemic we were able to prepare everything what is needed for the testing phase of our teaching scenarios. We also managed to meet face to face, first on the Partner Meeting in Poland and then on the Training for Teachers in...

Project Launch

With the online Kick-off meeting we’ve officially started our journey on VEGA!